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Hi I'm Amine

Embedded System Engineer

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1. Who's this guy?

Hello! I'm Amine, an Embedded System Engineer & Drones Pilot based in Marseille, France.

I enjoy creating things and my best wish is to learn more in order to develop technology based creativity and help me materializing it through innovative designs and patents for new devices.

The best way to achieve my project and make my dreams come true depends on my chances to join a well-known European or American company, undertake relevant work and participate in innovative projects within learn new skills.

Here are a few technologies I've been working on recently:

    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • C
    • HTML & CSS & Bootstrap
    • Drones & Robots
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Raspberry Pi STM32 MyRio
    • Image Processing
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2. Where I've Worked

Embedded Systems Engineer & Drones Pilot @Setec Diadés Responsive image

Since September 2020

Develop the electronic and electric part of a Detailed Tunnel Inspections New Technology system @Article

Have some mission with drones to inspect or make a photos or videos, detect the quality of air...

Develop with Unity and Opencv a system to calibrate camera

Intern R&D Engineer @Setec Diadés Responsive image

May 2019 - September 2019

Develop a system for data recovery from a sensor on a drone and transmit the data to a mobile application (carry more than 12 km).

Make an automatic photo taking system of the Drone according to the camera movements to ensure the total recovery of the structure to be inspected

Worked with a team of three engineers to build a robot climb up the wall

Intern Embedded Systems Engineer @Sicap

January 2019 - May 2019

Make a drone to fight the spread of a small agricultural pest threatening species of palm trees

Identify trees infected with the species.

Inject the palm trees with a special fungus that acts as a vaccine.

Intern Embedded Systems Engineer @InterCom Media Tunisie

June 2018 - September 2018

Make Industrial Vision with NI Vision for testing and validation.

Read the code on the electrical cables with image processing.

Develop an app to detect symbol on an aluminum bar and validate it.

Intern Embedded Systems Engineer @Iset Rades

October 2015 - June 2016

Program a manipulator arm with 6 degrees of freedom under LabView.

Develop an app to remote the robot via the Internet.

Develop an app to control the robot by voice.

Make Autonomous robot that does image processing to put parts in order.

3. Some Things I've Built


Air quality measurement of factory chimneys

Develop a system that measures air quality of factory chimneys with a drone and transmit data to a smartphone in real time, built with Raspberry pi, LoRa, Android Studio, and Python.


Automatic connection and messaging of LinkedIn profile

develop a chrome extension that sends hundreds of connections requests automatically and customize the messages using names, company and position data, built with JavaScript, HTML&CSS and Bootstrap.


Live FaceSwap

this app lets me switch faces with a photo in real-time, built with AI,OpenCV and Python.


AI Prayer App

A web application that counts and detects errors in prayer and alerts the person. I use teachablemachine to build a model with 5 positions on prayer, tensorflow.js and javaScript.


Control RTX Robot

Develop Programs for a manipulator arm. An application to remotely control the robot via the Internet.the second is to control the robot by voice, and the third is to make an autonomous robot that does image processing to put the pieces in order., built with LabView,NI Vision and MyRio


My First Drone

in 2017 i build my first drone from scratch. in my country drones are illegal, so we can't find the material to build it. built with DIY, Arduino and Multiwii.


TV viewing during the Drone challenge

in 2018, i participate in my first drone challenge in Sfax. the challenge is to build drone that takes pictures for a specific image, built with Pixhawk,RaspberryPiand Python.


Electrical Car for Shell Eco-marathon 2018

Worked on an ecological vehicle which will have to cover at this marathon the maximum number of kilometers with a single kilowatt hour of electricity. we build the chassis, but we stopped because we didn't find sponsors.


9. Funny Python game App

Funny LinkedIn post to criticise the bad internet connection that i have at home.See the post.

4. Robotic & Drone Awards

Ranked first in RoboCup 17
Build a robot that detect letter and color with a camera and AI

Ranked Second in TuniRobot 19
Build an hexacopter with amp2.8 and a camera

Ranked first in Drone Challenge 18
Build a drone that take pictures for a specific images.

Quadcopter X8
programming a drone quadcopter x8 with pixhawk

Ranked first in EnicarRobots 17
Build a robot that collect a cubes automatically

Participate in Eurobot 16,17 and 18
Build two autonomous robots to perform certain tasks.

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If you like my work and have some cool project to work on, just send me direct message or contact me through LinkedIn.


Designed & Built by Amine Fatnassi
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